Never Give up in your business! Personal Vlog

During last three month, I didn’t get any order for making a birthday cake. I was so upset that I was near to loss my hope. But then I thought that leaving my business is not the solution. So, I should try again. Then I start thinking that should I do! Where is my fault? I start searching about my fault.

Ok! Before I go. I should inform you about my self. I am Rasheda. I am a YouTuber and home chef (cake & more). I sell cakes on my Facebook page in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Now, let’s proceed!

Then I got an idea. I think that I should reduce my cake’s price than others. Then I reduce my cake’s price and make a new menu for my page. [I haven’t sponsored my business page] After making a new menu, I got an order in 1 day! OMG! Really, the proverb is true, “Never give up!”

That’s all my day.

Now let’s think about the opposite site, what if I left my business?

I wouldn’t get the order of the cake. And I hope in future I will get more orders. Let’s see!

My business page (only in Dhaka, Bangladesh)