Daily work at home in Ramadan|Personal vlog

Welcome to my another written vlog:2 [vlog:1-is here,winter vlog]

Ramadan Mubarak

Today, it is 13th Ramadan. As some of you know that I live in Bangladesh. Also as a muslim, we don’t eat anything from sun rise to sun set in Ramadan(fazar to magrib prayer). As a house wife it is more difficult not only for me but also for every single women to work at home during Ramadan. But many of us have become accustomed to it. We women like an alarm before saheri.

I woke up at 3:20am and start buying sustanon 250 online in australia preparing food and then I wake my husband and son up about at 4:00 am. We have our meal or food then I wash the plates and other things that comes out after eating. Then I finish my fazar prayer, read the Quran and go for sleep 😴 again till 9-10 am. ( I know it’s too much but it is what it is) In our locality specially Ramadan the garbage uncle comes early in the morning (8:00am)🌅. He smoke during Ramadan means he doesn’t keep fast😕 Whatever for throwing the garbage I woke up at 8:10 am 😪 then come to bed and take a nap again. 

After waking up, my start doing my works. I have to do the home works like cleaning, washing, making or preparing food for ifter and sehari. ( It seems to be easy but it is not easy to do! Till 2:00 pm I continuously doing my work with my two hands. (In this long time, obviously I check my YouTube channel’s views, subscribers and watch other videos on YouTube or Facebook of Rasheda’s House😃)

At 2:10 pm, I take my shower 🚿,pray duhur and take a short nap. From 3:00pm I start preparing ifter(frying or cooking). At 5:00 pm I pray ashar, read the Quran and start preparing ifteri on plates.
At 6:00pm, me and my family sit on chair and make Dua for everyone and then after listening the azan of maghrib, we break our fast.

After finishing our ifter, we finish our maghrib prayer and then take a short nap.
At night, I do nothing. Like we pray and do our own work or have tea or anything else.(nothing special)

And this is my whole day in Ramadan.

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