Last seen with my father | Personal Vlog

On 10 November 2021, evening my father visited my home. He came from Chittagong to Dhaka for visiting a doctor in the united hospital in Dhaka. He was so sick that he couldn’t eat for a week. He was so weak but he could still walk by himself. After visiting doctor, he came to my house to see me. On 11 November, he was supposed to see a doctor again. That’s why, he went out in the morning. At 12’o clock noon, I also go to the hospital to see him. All was going well till 4’o clock.

All the Scans/check up which was given by the doctor was finished before 4’o clock. After finishing all the checkup he went to the toilet. Time is going. About 8 minutes crossed, my father still in the bathroom. The nurses were scared. They start screaming. They opened the lock and saw that my father was lying down that means he got a heart attack!

Soon the doctors came and started treatment. But they failed. And my father died 😭

After hearing the news  me, my son, my little brother and my mom were shocked. We cried a lot. I called my little son to the hospital and we went to our village home. The freezing car was in front of us and we were crying in the whole way.

Never hesitate to speak with your father. Always feel free to speak with them. Because it could be the last seen. 

                – written by Tasib (Rasheda’s little son)