Happy Healthy life Tips | Health

“Health is wealth”, goes a proverb.

Everyone wants to keep himself healthy, don’t they?

So, for keeping your body healthy.. here are some tips for you.

1. Always eat as needed. Never eats overload. If you can eat one plate food then eat half or ⅓ of it. However it is tasty or not.
2. Always walk at least 20 minutes in the morning. You know that you can only get fresh air in the morning.
3. Always drink water as you need. Like 7-8 glasses of water is enough for adults. You know  that 60% of our body made from water. So, drinking enough water is a must.
4. Eat vegetables ( for vitamins), rice(for energy), fishes(for protein) etc.
5. Avoid junk foods like burger, pizza etc. (you can eat them once in a week)

That’s a small article for you.