Do these things if your mobile gets overheated

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By tasib (rasheda’s son)

Sometimes our phone gets overheated. It may cause because of your mobile battery or some other hidden things. That you can slove easily.


Here some tips↓

1) If your mobile Brightness is higher then you should need to reduce brightness. Because if you brightness is high then your mobile will get hot fast.

2) I suggest you, not to download useless apps.

3) You can download Google Files from playstore. So that you can easily manage your files and can delete junk files easily!


4) If you have extra things on the phone, delete them. Photos, videos, songs from WhatsApp, Messenger or emails can be caused hot the phone. Delete the files that you don’t need.


5) We often talk with someone or do any other work in mobile while it is connected with charger. But it is not right. Don’t do any work while your phone is charging. This increase the tendency of the phone to overheat.

6) The easiest way to prevent the phone from overheating, is to keep your phone out of direct sunlight or overheated place.

7) You should restart you phone in every month or after 2 months. And if you can, then you should reset your phone at least one time in a year.

Thank you. Share this with someone who need this.