1st Eid without my father|Personal vlog


This is my first Eid without my father cause he died on 11 November, 2021. “May Allah give my father jannat”-Amin.

I always love to celebrate my Eid with my parents cause I don’t have father or mother-in-law to celebrate Eid with them. That’s why I always come to my father’s home to celebrate Eid. Every year I came to my father’s home on occasionally. Last Eid was in 2021, my father insisted me to came and celebrate Eid with them.I don’t wanted to come because of the lockdown. All the buses had been suspended to drive on roads. So, I thought I could not celebrate that Eid with them.But my father called a police which is in Dhaka and told him to take us (me and my childrens) to him through his(police officer) car.

For this, I have celebrated that Eid with my parents.It wasn’t expected that it will my oxymetholone in bodybuilding last Eid with my father😢

This Eid (2022) I have celebrated with my mother only.

“part:2 is coming soon”
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Please pray for my father.